Johnnycashed masturbation addiction!

Tumblr user johnnycashed is a real life Michael Fassbender from Shame, except instead having sex with girls, he constantly has sex with himself.

Sources tell us that johnnycashed has masturbated 7 times! In one day! That’s more than the National Enquirer has in their lifetime! 

He claims that he feels a tingling sensation in penis, our researchers (and webmd) have come to the conclusion that johnnycashed actually has gonorrhea and has contracted it from himself. 

Friend joaquinsphoenix has suggested that he should wear a chastity belt, johnnycashed replied with a shirtless video claiming “no!” 

johnnycashed has stolen the title of Tumblr’s Lindsay Lohan from milasweetcunt

This is what happens when shame leaks and Michael Fassbender’s penis is available for the world to see…

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